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Phil Smith and Liz Page
0411 0477 83

Phil and I look forward to working, playing and learning with you in this new decade. Please contact us if you would like to attend one of our classes or workshops or just to say hi. If you plan on coming along, bookings are important as we keep the numbers low due to social distancing space constraints and to offer personalized attention.  To check availabilty for a one on one Functional Integration session, to book into a class or for any other enquiries please call us on: 0416 348 583 for Liz Page 0411 0477 83 for Phil Smith  

Here's what we have to offer. 


Bookings by appointment 
Phil Smith - 0411 0477 83 
Liz Page - 0416 348 583

“As an osteopath on the Coast, I regularly recommend adults and especially children to Liz and Phil for Feldenkrais treatment. Their skills in rehabilitation are second to none. Phil has helped me so much with old knee injuries and with my aikido. Outstanding and amazing results from these two.” - Roger S Kingston

“I had very tense muscles in my neck and shoulders for several years. One workshop with Liz and Phil released those stubborn muscles. I am amazed at the simplicity of the Feldenkrais method and love the results. It makes us stop and be aware of how we move our bodies. It's a joy to spend time with Liz and Phil. -Jan Maree Garner


Tuesday 6pm with Phil
Thursday 10am with Liz

The Thursday lesson is Feldendance class. Details below.


These one-hour group classes use mindful movement to achieve greater awareness and holistic integration of mind and body. These classes, which the Feldenkrais community call lessons as the method is one of Somatic Education, are uniquely designed to reflect functional movement in daily life such as walking, standing from chair or the floor, improved posture is sitting or standing and lifting objects


Feldendance is an Awareness Through Movement lesson with the inclusion of MUSIC and DANCE. The method works on engaging different areas of the brain and allowing new neural pathways to emerge. Wonderful sense of embodied bliss follows.


After a certain age, many of us encounter the reality of gravity in new and sometimes not pleasing ways. The Pelvic Potency workshop addresses the issues that many women face in regard to pelvic health and offers the gift of enhanced awareness and deepening of the relationship between the mind and body. 

In this 3-hour workshop, we will utilize the Feldenkrais method to:

  • explore connections
  • find and release any unnecessary holding
  • discover new possibilities for relating to this potent part of our body. 

What you can expect from this workshop, which is designed as an educational experience is:

  • enhanced personal power deepening of sensation
  • prevention from incontinence and prolapse or more information about reversal if it’s already here and,
  • increase sexual pleasure

Contact Liz on 0416 348 583 for details on up coming workshops.



The weekend will be an introduction to developing skills that allow us to adapt more easily and less reactively (more responsively) to the unexpected. There is a great advantage to be had in appreciating how to soften into instability as an example of responsive action. The workshop will challenge us to sense more about the way we organise ourselves in the environment. Though Feldenkrais is the foundational learning method we will also play with slackline, balance beam and martial art principles. Any equipment can be adjusted to suit all comfort levels. No matter your present age or perception of fitness you will take away something new. Come prepared to have fun.

Contact Phil on 0411 0477 83 for details on upcoming workshops 


involves Feldenkrais movement exploration, music and free flow embodiment and is underlined with the My Manifesto Individuation process, developed by Liz Page in 2009. Over the 6 weeks we will explore our current reality as we now see it and move forward to a future-self reality that encompasses the parts of our nature that are longing to be lived. We’ll look at our perceptions of the world, our body, relationships to people, family, money and find where these ideas sit in our body. Each week we will delve a little deeper into the enquiry finding the places where movement is free flowing and where it’s blocked in both our body and in our mind and work through the blockages using gentle exploration of what else is possible, until in the final week we will unfurl out of the cocoon we have been incubating in and open our wings to the new being who has been unearthed. 

The MEG program is designed as an overview course to bring a greater sense of awareness about:

  • our current story
  • hidden desires
  • judgments of self and others

Once we have awareness of the blueprint we are currently creating we utilize our bodies wisdom to move towards the reality we want to create for this new year and decade. 


In this weekend workshop, using the MEG toolkit we go deeper into the specific areas you would like to manifest grace. Participants will be guided towards greater clarity of what they long for and identify the blocks that stand in their way. The Immersion Weekends are usually offered to people who have completed the 6-week MEG program. However, applications for enrolment will be accepted based on previous engagement with personal growth study.

Contact Liz on 0416 348 583 for details on upcoming workshops. 

Here's what people had to say after completing MEG: 

"Testimony to process Liz's capacity to make the space for grace to thrive Brought us alive to the myriad messages the body provides  To lead us to weave the threads of our souls into existential lace."-Rose O'Donohue

"With an abundance of space holders offering facilitation in the world of healing and self-development, Liz is the real deal.  She has a calm and genuine presence, knows her sh*t, and consistently inspires the gentle curiosity and awareness where profound acceptance is welcome and new pathways have space to grow. As much as I appreciate many modalities, particularly in the somatic realm, I value a holistic approach and in Liz's Manifesting Grace workshops I was attracted to and enjoyed the Awareness Through Movement in Feldenkrais combined with psychological work and future visioning as embodied process.  I'm always keen to join Liz in her classes and workshops and look forward to her creations in the future." -Ilana C, Trauma informed counsellor,  Sensorimotor art therapist, TRE and DANCEmandala facilitator.  

I have participated in two programs with Liz - Pelvic Potency and Manifesting Embodied Grace, as well as a number of Awareness Through Movement sessions. Liz is an absolutely potent facilitator. Super subtle and sensitive, working with her produces profound results so gently you might not quite notice anything was happening except you feel completely different afterward - and may take astonishing new actions, previously unconsidered. After the Pelvic Power workshop I was empowered to start really exploring how I could make a living doing more of what I love. Following the Manifesting Embodied Grace program i felt clearer again on my direction and started taking positive action right away. Highly recommend both programs for anybody seeking to explore new and more self aligned ways of being in the world Liz is also an expressive dancer and loves a good giggle. I’ll definitely be working with her again -Rachael Skying Earth Circles#MS #CerebralPalsy #PTSD #C-PTSD #Balance #PelvicFloor

Certified Feldenkrais Practitioners